Clarence peters(capital hills records)..what do u know about him!!!


Clarence peters(capital hills records)..what do u know about him!!!

Who is Clarence Peters that is the questions we get when people watch a big music Videos,He  is known to be a very big producer of the best African music videos.


Clarence Peters is the son of popular Nollywood actress Clarion Chkwura, Clarence Peters is the son of popular Afrojuju singer, Shina Peters, Clarion Chkwura gave birth to Clarence Peters when she was 17 through the romance between her and Shina Peters.

Clarence Peters own a record Capital Dream Pictures and and a production company called Capital Dream Pictures he is also a film maker, He attended BI primary school, Government College Ikorodu he went to a film school in Cape Town in South Africa.

Clarence Peters started his record Capital Hill when he was in secondary school when he met “Tha Suspect” ( Tha Suspect a Nigerian music artist) and they both discover they like the same kind…

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just imagine,but is no big deal for me if Jim Iyke do fancy some roasted corn



Nigeria’s top blogger,Linda Ikeji and star actor Jim Iyke engaged in a fight over the picture above. No need to imagine a boxing session here, it was only a tweet fight. It all started yesterday when a Blogger, Laila Ikeji blogged this Jim Iyke’s Picture she found on his twitter page,of him eating corn in Amsterdam.
The post made a front page in Nairaland, and due to the popularity of the post, it was retweeted and thus aroused the attention of Jim Iyke. Jim Iyke obviously got confused with the similar names and didn’t bother to confirm.So he picked a fight with the wrong person, Linda Ikeji.
Here’s how the conversation between them went :
jimiykeofficial: S/O @lindaikeja 4 her OBSESSION wit me! Thru science u can use ur DNA to trace ur roots. I’m sure u share same DNA wit JEZEBEL walahi! WTF!
jimiykeofficial: @lindaIkeja Quit stealin pics…

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